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When one thinks of the island of Crete in Greece, raki and Cretan dances come first in mind. However, Gemma band which comes from Crete, shows us a new perspective of it. Electronic music, interlaced with rock and tradition.


Gemma is a five-member band created back in 2017, in Rethymno Crete, Greece. Their music is a journey across many places and timelines. Inspired by the ancient pagan Cretan sounds and influenced by the pioneers of electronic music, they create a unique futuristic show that combines post rock ambience, tribal rhythms, trance vibes and electropunk elements.


Gemma consists of Danili Evangelia (voice, loops), Kaparos Giorgos (production, composition, loops, synths, guitars), Mavrogiannakis Nikos (drums), Paschidis Anastasis (bass) & Spinthourakis Apostolis (percussion)


Their first LP is called Gemma, was released in 2021, including 8 tracks and has received fantastic reviews from press, blogs and radios from all over the world. They are now working on their second album which is going to be released this year.


Their music is available on all digital platforms, as well as in physical form. The band has wonderful music videos for almost every track, so a visit to the band's YouTube channel, will pay you off.



Turn the lights off, turn the volume up and get ready to dance

Evangelia Danili

Evangelia Danili

Vocals | Loops
George Kaparos
Synth | Composition

George Kaparos

Anastasis Paschidis

Anastasis Paschidis

Apostolis Spinthourakis
Percussion | Loops

Tolis Spinthourakis

Nikos Mavrogiannakis

Nikos Mavrogiannakis

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